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Craving authentic Vietnamese Pho in Toledo, Ohio?

At Phoxy Pho, our passion lies in delivering the true essence of Vietnam through our signature dish – Phở. Prepared with love and care, this traditional Vietnamese noodle soup will transport you to the bustling streets of Saigon.

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Hands serving Vietnamese Pho
Pho noodles with beef in a bowl with chopsticks
Cutting vegetable for pho
Hot bowl of Pho
Feeling Phoxy?

Discover Sensational Pho Mastery in Toledo

Are you tired of the same old dining options that fail to excite your taste buds? Look no further, because Phoxy Pho is here to revolutionize your dining experience! Located in the heart of Toledo, Ohio, our Vietnamese restaurant is an oasis of mouthwatering flavors and authentic cuisine.

Come join us and let us transport you to the streets of Vietnam with every spoonful. Your taste buds will thank you!

Customer Favorites


Our customers have spoken, and these dishes are the stars of our menu

Noodle pho with beef in a bowl


Rare beef eye-round steak, Well-done beef brisket, Beef meatballs, Beef tendon, Rice noodles, Pho Broth
Pork Gyoza


Pork, Cabbage Gyoza, Tempura baby scallops, Cucumber, Fish sauce vinaigrette
Vietnamese pho and side salad
Pho soup in a bowl
Noodle pho with beef in a bowl
A lit up sign that reads "Pho"
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Experience Excellence in Every Bite

Why Choose Phoxy pho in toledo?

Phoxy Pho isn’t just another restaurant, it’s a celebration of all things Vietnamese cuisine. If you’re wondering why you should choose Phoxy Pho in Toledo, the answer is simple: We’re more than just a place to eat – we’re an experience, a journey through the heart of Vietnam’s culinary heritage.